About Us


C&C Warehouse began with Pam Connelly and her son Jimmy in 1995. Before that they both worked for father/grandfather, Henry Brock, who owned Brock Moving and Storage for many years. So, the Connelly's were raised in the warehousing business.

A lot has changed since 1995. We've grown and adapted our business and reduced our environmental footprint all at the same time. Our newest facility built in 2010 is our greenest facility yet, and we are committed to pushing the envelope further every day. It started during the construction process. We used recycled blue jeans for insulation. Our countertops are made from recycled glass bottles. We chose not to use floor coverings in most of our office space, but rather to stain the concrete. The advantage of having a large warehouse is having a large roof. So of course, the electricity for our office comes from solar panels. C&C isn't stopping there, we plan to expand our solar array beyond our needs, and pump clean, renewable energy back into the grid. With large scale importing comes a lot of cardboard, and you'd better believe we recycle every bit of material we can. Come visit, we would love to show you how we're taking operational efficiency to the next level.